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Air Supported Belt Conveyors utilize a cushion of air to support the belt and load. They are quiet, clean and efficient. Located in Woodbury, Connecticut, USA, The Hendrik Group has years of experience in this field. With clients world wide and an unrivaled track …

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The air-supported conveyor is designed to resolve many of the problems encountered with conventional belt conveyors. By eliminating idlers and pinch points, the fully enclosed, air-supported system prevents airborne particles and reduces maintenance requirements and potential safety risks.


Air supported conveyors system and conveyors belt that is designed to conveyors for the bulk materials and flowing dry products in all types of industries.

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Air chamber is a closed long box as the longitudinal support of conveyor, Arc-shaped groove (6) is circular groove as upper part of air chamber, cushion of air (film) to support the belt and load, driven by discharge pulley(2),continue to operate, No-loading belt supported by roller (loading part support by air cushion, no-loading part ...

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The Air-Supported Belt Conveyor system consists of the head unit, tail unit, and the required number of intermediate sections. Since the equipment utilizes very few moving parts it is a very system with low maintenance costs. The air-supported.

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The air-supported belt conveyor is a cleaner, safer and more energy efficient method of belt conveying when compared to traditional belt conveyors. How it works Small fan units supply low-pressure, filtered air to the plenum below the belt support trough.

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Among these are elevating belt conveyors having walled and cleated belts, curved belt conveyors, air - supported, wire mesh belting, enclosed and folded belts, to name some. Overview: spiral freezers.

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Tramco JETBELT™ Air-Supported Belt Conveyor (JETBELT™ conveyor) is a conveyor designed to convey free flowing dry products (such as grain, coal, limestone and aggre- gates) in all types of industries, especially in applications where dust containment is

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Feb 20, 2018· Air Supported Belt Conveyors As a pioneer in the Bulk Materials Handling Industry, The Hendrik Group, Inc. provides custom designed solutions to bulk materials handling applications. HoverGlide™ air supported belt conveyors (asbc) use meticulously calibrated air chambers to support conveyor belts carrying bulk materials with fewer friction oriented components than vintage roller conveyors.


The TRAMCO JETBELT ™ is an air-supported belt conveyor that is designed to convey free flowing dry products in all types of industries, especially in applications where dust containment is crucial. This efficient conveyor system requires less horsepower and no idlers in either the material carrying or empty return pan, regardless of conveying distance.

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An Air Supported Belt Conveyor efficiently transports bulk materials, utilising a cushion of air to support the belt and load. Friction between the tail section and discharge is decreased – creating annual savings in housekeeping, energy costs, and parts replacement.

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An air-supported conveyor supports the belt and its cargo with a thin film of air rather than the troughing rolls used by conventional belt conveyor systems. Air is supplied by a low-pressure ...

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Aerobelt Australia is a leading supplier of air-supported belt conveyors. There are currently more than 313 Aerobelt conveyors supplied by Aerobelt Australia in all states in …

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Air Glide Conveyor – An Air Glide Conveyor is a development of the traditional belt conveyor, but instead of carrying idlers it employs a cushion of air, being the means of supporting the loaded belt between the feed and the discharge, creating a frictionless air supported conveyor belt.

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Jul 02, 2016· Eight Innovation of Air Supported Belt Conveyor. LM Wind Power sets record for the world's longest wind turbine blade, again!

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The Hendrik Group, Inc. specializes in the art of efficiently transporting Bulk Materials in an environmentally friendly manner. We design and manufacture Air Supported Belt Conveyors, which utilize a cushion of air to support the belt and load.

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Air Supported Conveyor Systems. Air supported conveyor systems differ from traditional belt conveyors, in that instead of the conveyor belt being supported on rollers it is supported on a cushion of air supplied via a low-horsepower centrifugal fan.

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Jun 13, 2002· Sir: It sounds more like the problem is not so much the belt but the friction itself. The whole idea behind an air supported belt conveyor is to eliminate ALL friction between the tail and the discharge of the conveyor.

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Air supported belt conveyor is a preferred product for long distance and large capacity bulk material transportation in high environmental requirements. Good air closing system and low energy consumption bring air supported to more competitive in bulk material conveying market.

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MARTIN® Air-Supported Conveyor System Operator's Manual ... conveyor belt. The principle of air support limits mechanical friction to the drive mechanism at the head section, th e tail pulley, and the take-up assembly resulting in a dramatic reduction in maintenance and operation costs.

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Air Belt Conveyer, Belt Conveyer, Air Supported Conveyer manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Air Conveyor, High Speed Automatic Bag Palletizing Machine, 25 Kg Paper Sack Fully Automatic Powder Packing Machine and so on.

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Air-Supported Belt Conveyor is a conveyor designed to convey free flowing dry products (such as grain, coal, limestone and aggregates) in all types of industries, especially in applications where dust containment is crucial.

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Air supported belt conveyors ... because it works on the air cushion principle. The conveyor belt is supported by ... Even support of the belt is achieved, thus enabling the material to remain completely motionless increasing the carrying capacity, preventing spillage and prolonging the belt

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The belt is supported on a film of air, thus reducing friction and decreasing HP while improving operating performance. The high volume, low PSI air required for the conveyor requires minimal HP. Normally the HP reduction in the conveyor drive offset the HP required by the blower.

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The Air Supported Belt Conveyor provided by Jingu is specially designed and manufactured continuous conveying equipment devoted to satisfying the needs for new continuous conveying machinery in both the domestic and international markets.

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Air supported belt conveyor adopts professional die stamping and forming designed gas chamber disk slot, allowing scientific and reasonable pressure segment. Bulk material applied belt conveyor is widely used in grains, wheat powder, feed, food processing, charging and discharging in …

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Unique features of air supported belt conveyor: Dedicated gas chamber design. Air supported belt conveyor adopts professional die stamping and forming designed gas chamber disk slot, allowing scientific and reasonable pressure segment.

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Dust-Free Material Conveying The top covers on the HudcoAir® Conveyor are sealed to the plenum flange with a rubber gasket, a feature not possible with roller supported conveyors.

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The air supported belt seals must be airtight, otherwise due to the air leakage the conveyor will not function properly. The intermediate sections must be perfectly aligned and load must be centred on the belt as there are no troughing idlers to guide the belt.

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The HudcoAir® Conveyor uses low-pressure air to support the loaded belt in place of traditional troughing rollers. This revolutionary concept minimizes friction, lowers power consumption, requires minimum maintenance, and is remarkably quiet and environmentally friendly.

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Air Supported Belt Conveyors. We have been involved with the design, testing, and manufacturing a new line of air-supported-belt conveyors, to suit the demanding requirements of a new export grain elevator at the Port of Longview, WA.

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Conveyor Systems AsgcoAir The AsgcoAir is the only air supported conveyor that is not a carry over from the grain industry. Designed from the ground up to handle heavy bulk materials, the AsgcoAir